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Mycasa Real Estate is committed to full service and highly detailed real estate investment strategies and options. 



Mycasa Real estate was founded on providing a one-stop resource for intelligent and well run long-term real estate investing.  When real estate investing is done well the long-term benefits can be immense. The key to long-term real estate investing is smart planning, purchasing the right property, creating a quality condition, and having the best property management in place to protect the asset.


Purchasing the Right Property

Identifying the right property and negotiating the best terms are a must for intelligent real estate investing.   With over 12 years of sales and investing experience in the Denver and surrounding housing market, we will locate the perfect property to fit our clients budget and investment goals.  Providing our clients with market insight, market access, and knowledge of the geographical neighborhoods will allow our clients to invest intelligently.  

Property Management

Quality property management is often the hardest aspect of long term real estate investing to find, Mycasa Real Estate provides the highest level of service when managing your real estate assets.  Mycasa is uniquely positioned to provide a high level of detailed property management.   Mycasa Real estate is unlike most property management companies in that we manage a very limited number of properties, all of our properties that we manage are high quality properties that require added attention and detail.   Mycasa Real Estate takes pride in keeping homeowners and tenants happy, and keeping the properties in top notch condition.    

Property Preservation and Improvements

All properties must be well maintained and occasionally updated to hold value.   We provide property maintenance and improvements by our qualified in house contractors to our clients with discounted pricing.  As part of the Mycasa Real Estate client base,  you will be given access to top quality property inspections, maintenance, and improvements.   Often long term returns from investments in real estate are undermined by poor property management, inadequate property upkeep, and conditional deterioration.    Future stock offerings will be subject to the portfolio/market valuations. The plan will be to allow more outside parties to invest, as well as encourage additional investments from existing partners. It is important to know that I will plan to purchase stock each time it becomes available at the full cost that it is offered, meaning I will continue to invest my own money alongside all other members. 

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